How to pay off debt fast: Make more than the minimum payment  Business Insider

To pay off debt fast, make more than the minimum payment on your highest interest debt. With this method, you save time and money on interest.

How going cash-only helped this 23-year-old pay off $20,000 in debt in one year  CNBC

A 23-year-old nurse became debt-free by using a simple strategy that changed her spending habits: "I was eating out a lot, buying new clothes at Target, ...

Debt free at 23: How this woman paid off $20K in loans in just one year  USA TODAY

Paying with paper instead of plastic helped Kristy Epperson eliminate $20,000 in student loan and car loan debt in just one year. After earning her bachelor's ...

Colorado residents see red, carrying more debt than all but two states and D.C.  The Denver Post

Colorado has the lowest obesity rate of any state, but when it comes to financial fitness, residents of the state carry around one of the heaviest debt burdens.

School district to parents: Pay your lunch debt or your children might wind up in foster care  The Washington Post

The terse letter arrived in the mailboxes of about 40 families in Northeastern Pennsylvania this month. It came from the local public school district, but it bore a ...

Student Loan Debt And No Degree: A Crisis For Millions Of Borrowers  NPR

Some of the people struggling the most to pay back their debt are the millions of students who took out student loans but never finished a degree.

Desperate for relief from student-loan debt? Just don’t fall prey to scammers.  The Washington Post

You got the degree — or didn't — and now you have so much debt that you're looking for help to reduce your student loan payments. You are a con artist's ...

Analysis | Why China's Debt Defaults Look Set to Pick Up Again  Washington Post

Chinese companies are facing a reality check after years of ramping up debt. A deleveraging campaign that President Xi Jinping began in 2016 to curb risks in ...

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Asked about the debt ceiling, Trump whined incessantly about Obama's fiscal record. That really didn't make any sense.

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A heavy debt burden can wear on your well-being. Here's how to stay positive while you get back in the black.

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There's one question I can almost always count on being asked at the scores of public presentations I give each year about the economy. The question is, what ...

3 reasons to fear America's massive $70 trillion debt pile  CNN

New York (CNN Business) America's debt load is about to hit a record. The combination of cheap money and soaring debt helped fuel the decade-long ...

WeTransfer and Headspace just helped pay off $30 million of people's medical debt  Fast Company

It's nearly all the debt currently in the hands of debt collectors in Los Angeles—and it cost a lot less than $30 million to do.

AB InBev sells Australian subsidiary to pay off debt

BRUSSELS —AB Inbev, the world's biggest brewer with brands like Budweiser and Corona, is selling its unit in Australia to reduce debt after it decided against ...

How my husband and I paid off all our loans: 'We utilized the debt snowball'  USA TODAY

In this series, NerdWallet interviews people who have triumphed over debt. Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

China's debt tops 300% of GDP, now 15% of global total: IIF  Reuters

A key gauge of China's debt has topped 300% of gross domestic product, according to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), as Beijing steps up support for ...

JCPenney Seeks Help from Advisors Amid Debt Struggles  Market Realist

JCPenney (JCP) has hired advisors to evaluate its debt-restructuring options, as it needs more time to turn its struggling business around.

Plaid introduces Liabilities to create debt-tracking apps, starting with student loans  TechCrunch

Plaid has always been about helping developers build financial applications. Up until now that has involved standard checking and savings, and, more recently, ...

J.C. Penney hires debt advisers but says it's not a step toward bankruptcy  Dallas News

J.C. Penney has hired advisers to help it explore options to restructure its debt, according to a report from Reuters late Thursday.Plano-based...

This is the simplest money rule of all time: Don’t be a debt zombie  MarketWatch

If you owe money on your credit cards, just about everything is a luxury.

Light at the end of the tunnel for debt - LaGrange Daily News  LaGrange Daily News

More than 40 million Americans are currently facing student loan debt in the United States. That debt totals an astounding $1.56 trillion. Yes, that's a “T,” as in ...

Op-Ed: Why don't Republicans talk about the federal debt anymore?  Los Angeles Times

Here's a story from this week that you likely won't hear much about, what with the 24/7 cable news screamfest over the Trump-Squad wars: The White House ...

Debt ceiling fight: It's go time and a deal isn't locked in yet  CNN

All eyes are on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and those telephone calls with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and the bottom line is simple: every day there ...

France Climbs Above Italy on Europe’s Debt Mountain  Bloomberg

France has squeaked past Italy to become the country with the biggest debt load in the euro area in absolute terms, according to quarterly data from Eurostat.

How to consolidate credit card debt to streamline your payments and lower your interest rate  Business Insider

Two popular options to consolidate credit card debt are transferring the debt to a balance transfer credit card or taking out a personal loan.

European investors are getting a ‘green light’ to buy U.S. debt as currency hedging costs decline  MarketWatch

Cost of 12-month euro-to-dollar currency hedges drop 75 basis points since recent peak.

Here's what needs to happen for Congress to raise the debt ceiling and avoid default  CNBC

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she wants her chamber to vote on a debt ceiling and budget deal by July 26.

Congress must not cede its authority to raise debt | TheHill  The Hill

To impede this potential for abuse, the Constitution vested the power to take on debt and regulate currency with the people—through Congress.

Chinese Conglomerate’s Debt Crisis Deepens; Bonds Plunge  The Wall Street Journal

A large Chinese conglomerate fell deeper into a debt crisis, after it said it won't repay $500 million in U.S. dollar bonds coming due next month.

JC Penney taps debt restructuring advisors  CNBC

J.C. Penney has hired advisers to explore debt restructuring options that would buy more time for the money-losing U.S. retailer to forge a turnaround, people ...

Report: LA Area Has 4th Highest Average Mortgage Debt In Country  CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana market had the fourth-highest average mortgage debt in the country, according to data ...

AT&T Might Sell Puerto Rico Business to Offload Debt  Market Realist

On Thursday, a Thomson Reuters report suggested that AT&T (T) might sell its business in Puerto Rico for around $3 billion.

Distressed Debt Traders Have Tons of Cash and Nothing to Buy  Bloomberg

The hardest part of being a distressed debt investor now may be finding something to do.

States must abolish juvenile fees. They’re putting families in debt.  The Washington Post

The fees harm rehabilitation and increase recidivism.

White House proposal and the Mulvaney factor loom debt ceiling fight  CNN

Negotiators are in the brink of a deal. Now comes the hard part.

I used Marie Kondo's decluttering method to pay off credit card debt  Business Insider

I applied the KonMari method to my finances and learned how to appreciate my money — and my debt — and organize my savings.

Barney Frank: Consumers need to know these 3 things to protect against credit card debt  CNBC

Barney Frank, former chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, says that significant progress has been made to reduce the amount of imprudent ...

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For fund managers Michael Cirami and Eric Stein, a lot can be learned from the answer to a simple question. After widespread protests toppled the Egyptian ...

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On his new podcast, The Portal, Eric Weinstein dives into student debt and the function of universities with Peter Thiel. Weinstein floats the idea of a college ...

Bernie Should Cancel Medical Debt, Too  Jacobin magazine

Even more so than student debt, medical debt is a manifestation of everything that's wrong with the United States today. Bernie Sanders, and the broader ...

Here's a school-by-school breakdown of student debt in Michigan  Michigan Radio

Michigan college grads are borrowing 42% more on average than they were 10 years ago. Today, your average Michigan student with school loans has about ...

When former president Jimmy Carter left office, his peanut business was $1 million in debt  CNBC

When President Jimmy Carter left the White House in 1981, he was 56 years old and deep in debt. His peanut business, which sold certified seed peanuts and ...

All the ways student debt exacerbates racial inequality — ‘it’s like landing in quick sand’  MarketWatch

The factors are complicated, but they tie broadly back to America's history of systemic racism.

My Fiancé Wants to Pay Off My Debt. Should I Let Him?  Slate

Dear Prudence,. I'm engaged to a loving man. Before we met, I incurred significant debt going through a divorce and becoming a single parent. I wasn't a ...

Local Church Pays Off $7.2 Million of Crippling Medical Debt for 6,500 Families  Good News Network

Stetson Baptist Church collected so much money in a charity drive that they were able to pay off $7.2 Million worth of medical debt for struggling Floridians.

Why Doctors Are Drowning in Medical School Debt  Scientific American

It's four o'clock on a roasting Wednesday last July. I am a resident physician at Yale University, and I am sitting beside my wife, Kristin Budde, who just became ...

Study: "Hidden" Chinese Loans May Sow Seeds of Debt Crisis  The Maritime Executive

By The Strategist 2019-07-19 14:46:31. [By David Uren]. Tonga, a nation of 170 islands and just over 100,000 people, is carrying a heavier Chinese debt burden ...

A Dangerous Debt Ruling in India  Washington Post

India's insolvency tribunal has made a dangerous decision. Unless its judgment is quashed, credit costs for India Inc. will surge, shares of state-run banks will ...

Washington talks could soon yield deal on spending and debt  PBS NewsHour

WASHINGTON (AP) — Washington negotiators are closing in on a budget and debt deal that would stave off the chance of a government shutdown this fall and ...

China Minsheng Investment Can't Pay Bond as Debt Woes Deepen  Bloomberg

A cash crunch at one of China's best known conglomerates is getting worse as the company said it will not be able to pay its upcoming dollar notes.

Sanford calls for 'overdue conversation' on debt as he mulls Trump challenge | TheHill  The Hill

Former Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) has told friends and supporters he would base a long-shot presidential campaign on the exploding national debt, which has ...

About half of China's loans to developing countries are 'hidden,' study finds  CNBC

China's lending to other countries has surged in the past decade, causing debt levels to jump dramatically, and as much as half of such debt to developing ...

Consumer agency’s $25 million settlement with Freedom Debt Relief shows the risks of such programs  The Washington Post

The nation's biggest debt-settlement services provider will pay a steep price after allegedly deceiving borrowers who'd gotten in over their heads. This past week ...

This Medalist ETF Offers Exposure to Short-Term Floating-Rate Debt

iShares Floating Rate Bond ETF (FLOT) has a significant cost advantage over its ultrashort-bond and variable-rate peers. The exchange-traded fund's ...

WeWork Co-Founder Cashes Out and Takes Out Debt Together Totaling $700M

NEW YORK CITY—Adam Neumann, WeWork's founder and CEO reportedly cashed out stock from the co-working, shared office space company and took on ...

Why I’m puzzled by America’s student debt crisis  Chicago Sun-Times

People who took out student loans can't repay them, and the economy may collapse. Maybe people could just live within their means.

How I ditched massive student loan debt: ‘I just pretended I didn’t have money’  USA TODAY

In this series, NerdWallet interviews people who have triumphed over debt. Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

This guy racked up $16,000 in credit-card debt — 7 ways he found financial freedom  MarketWatch

You can dig yourself out of debt. A man in his late 20s recently revealed on Reddit that he racked up $16,000 in credit-card debt in four years, after one ...

China may slip back into its old habits as growth slows. That could raise debt levels again  CNBC

As China's economic growth declines, some analysts say Beijing may have to spend more on infrastructure, adding to concerns about high debts.

Private Student Loan Debt Growing for College Students  Bloomberg

In the pecking order of meeting college costs, consumers usually don't turn to private student loan markets until they have exhausted all other means. And for ...

Which states have the most and least student debt loans  INSIDER

Record high tuition prices have forced an increase in student loans across the US. WalletHub compared all 50 states and saw which ones fare the worst.

Gov. Hogan Highlights Mortgage Program That Cuts Student Debt  CBS Baltimore

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Gov. Larry Hogan's administration is highlighting a Maryland program that enables young adults to cut student loan debt while buying ...

Canceling student debt is an insult to people who worked for it  Des Moines Register

"As much as I admire out-of-the-box thinking by Bernie Sanders and other presidential candidates, their proposals to cancel all student debt is alarming."

How to Stay Happy While Paying Off Debt  The Motley Fool

A heavy debt burden can wear on your well-being. Here's how to stay positive while you get back in the black.

EM Succumbs to Sub-Zero Epidemic as Debt Pile Doubles in a Week  Bloomberg

A sinkhole of negative-yielding debt in emerging markets has doubled in size over the past week. This time last year it was non-existent.

California doesn't have enough doctors. To recruit them, the state is paying off medical school debt  Los Angeles Times

Bryan Ruiz's hands were still shaking an hour after he learned the $300,000 in medical school loans he took out to become a dentist were being wiped away by ...

A (Rare) Bipartisan Bill Takes On Student Debt  Forbes

During my time on Capitol Hill, higher education policy was rarely a headline-grabbing topic. The nuances of federal financial aid or student debt were issues to ...

What Could Happen If The Government Wiped Out Student Debt?  NPR

It could boost the economy, but experts say that not all plans to wipe out student debt increase racial and economic equity.

Report shows how much debt couples go into to pay for weddings  INSIDER

Wedding debt is reaching unprecedented heights in some countries — and there are several countries where couples have it worse than the US.

Debt collector accused of deceptive, aggressive tactics; AG sues  WSOC Charlotte

A debt collector is accused of writing deceptive notices, hiring police officers to deliver them and using aggressive tactics to threaten people struggling to pay ...

Wall Street agency warns CT’s battle with pension debt is far from over  The CT Mirror

Connecticut officials have spent much of the past three years restructuring tens of billions of dollars in pension debt that dates back more than 80 years.

Pricing of Upsized Debt Financing Totalling $2,850 million equivalent ($/EUR)  PRNewswire

AMSTERDAM, July 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Trivium Packaging B.V. ("Trivium") announces that its subsidiary, Trivium Packaging Finance B.V., has priced the ...

New bankruptcy program seeks to help people saddled with student debt; 2.4 million Floridians owe $85.5 billio  Orlando Sentinel

Amid growing national concerns over student debt, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida is starting a new program intended to help ...

I have more than $50000 in student loan debt. This is how I'm paying it off  Fast Company

As of this year, Americans owe a whopping $1.6 trillion in student loan debt—a burden collectively shouldered by 45 million borrowers. Democratic candidates ...

Generex Biotechnology Announces Satisfaction of Debt Obligation Other OTC:GNBT  GlobeNewswire

MIRAMAR, Fla., July 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Generex Biotechnology Corporation ( (OTCQB:GNBT) today announced that it has ...

The 'after' picture of student loans: Credit card debt, smelly cars, pawn shops to make ends meet  USA TODAY

Debtors with student loans feel more financially insecure, engage in riskier money behaviors and have more trouble paying bills.

How realizing your dreams can motivate you to get rid of debt  CNBC

Like many Americans, this couple said their spending habits were reckless and out of control. Find out what they did to get a handle on that.

J.C. Penney shares tank after report that it hired debt advisors  MarketWatch

J.C. Penney Co. Inc. shares fell 10.2% in Friday premarket, and more than 11% after the market opened following a late-Thursday report that it has hired...

Want to pay off debt the smart way? Take advantage of this strategy  USA TODAY

You could potentially save thousands of dollars in interest by making this smart money move.

This debt could force you into bankruptcy, and it's not student loans  CNBC

With student loans at an all-time high, you may be surprised to find out that they aren't the biggest reason people declare bankruptcy. Instead, those who hit ...

Exclusive: Turkey's restructuring stalls as banks, government wrestle with bad debt  Reuters

Efforts to clean up Turkey's bad debt have stalled after bankers rejected or put on hold initial plans, according to people familiar with the matter, frustrating the ...

Ray Dalio: Low-yielding debt is 'worthless,' buy these assets instead  Business Insider

Ray Dalio thinks it's time for investors to move into an unloved asset as a vicious "paradigm shift" approaches the marketplace.

'A tax on future generations': U.S. debt on path to exceed World War II levels  Yahoo Finance

U.S. federal debt is on track to balloon to a staggering 144% of GDP, according to a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

The teachers suing Betsy DeVos for mismanaging their student loan debt  INSIDER

Eight public school teachers filed a lawsuit against Betsy DeVos, criticizing the Department of Education for mismanaging their student loan debt.

Justice settles millions in out-of-state debt claims - WV MetroNews  West Virginia MetroNews

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Jim Justice has settled two lawsuits by companies that were coming after him personally for millions of dollars. Siemens Financial ...

AT&T Is Weighing Sale of Puerto Rican Unit to Pay Down Debt  Yahoo Finance

(Bloomberg) -- AT&T Inc., looking for ways to pay down debt after the $85 billion takeover of Time Warner Inc. last year, is considering the sale of its Puerto Rican ...

How much mortgage debt does your state have? Two states are far and away above the rest  USA TODAY

To find the average mortgage debt in each state 24/7 Wall St. reviewed data from the State of Credit Report by Experian, a consumer reporting agency.

Hedge Funds, U.S. Banks Target Europe's Top Rated CLO Debt  Bloomberg

U.S. investors have stepped up their pursuit of European collateralized loan obligations as the yield on offer has become more attractive compared to what they ...

ADT: The Competitive Threats Are Overstated And The Debt Situation Is Improving  Seeking Alpha

ADT Inc. has been trading at near all-time lows since April 2019 due to lack pf profitability, high leverage and competitive threats in the residential security.

Why something needs to be done about the debt ceiling  Yahoo Finance

The U.S. may be “very close” to reaching a bipartisan deal on the debt ceiling but more needs to be done.

California Is Paying Off Med School Debt to Recruit Doctors  Fortune

California needs more doctors. And it's going to extreme lengths to recruit them.

Erdogan's Rivals Won Istanbul. Now They Have to Stem Its Runaway Debt  Bloomberg

Turkey's opposition twice took on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's political machine in Istanbul and won.

Student Debt And Unaffordable Housing: Big-Picture Effects Of An Aging America?  Forbes

Is the greater degree of regulation in the United States caused by our increasing age? Maybe.

AB InBev Looks to Sell Assets, Cut Debt — WSJ

This article is being republished as part of our daily reproduction of articles that also appeared in the U.S. print edition of The Wall Street Journal (July ...

How student loans are making some people abandon their dreams  CNBC

People take on student loans to study in the field they want to one day work in. However, the debt can have a less desirable impact, as well.

6 Reasons You Should Start Paying Down Your Debt Now  The Motley Fool

Paying off your debt can transform your financial health -- and there are more good reasons to do so than you may realize.

School threatens to send kids to foster care for unpaid lunch debt  KULR-TV

Hundreds of parents were threatened with losing custody of their children over school lunch debt.

The National Debt Is Still a Problem  The New York Times

A rising budget deficit may make sense in a major war or recession but not now, when the economy is strong, the economist N. Gregory Mankiw says.

Putin's Huge Military Buildup Leaves Industry With Debt Hangover  Bloomberg

Vladimir Putin's 20-trillion-ruble ($300 billion) weapons-buying binge over the last decade has brought advanced hypersonic warheads and drone submarines.

Why people with credit card debt are paying 18% more on everything  Yahoo Finance

Americans owe more than $1 trillion in credit card debt. And according to a new poll, households with credit card debt outspend those without ...